Legal Control is the application for professional drivers that shows where the transport controls are located! A transport control easily consumes 1 hour of your precious time. Help your fellow truck drivers and share! Easy exchange of control locations between drivers. Report a location simply with GPS. Continuous current locations visible across Europe, both in a list and on the map. After installing, the App will show all known European controls.



> Instantly see all listed locations in order of distance
> Reports contain details on numbers and size
> Messages are displayed on the map
> Directly report a control location yourself
> Simply request assistance in case of being fined by the law
> Simply report a ridiculous fine by the IRU
> The App is available in several languages



> GPS and data must be enabled when using the App. This may affect the battery life and data usage.
> Connect your phone with WiFi to limit data use.
> Legal Control can't be held responsible in any way for not having "up to date" information and the traffic behaviour of its users.