As an international driver you are inspected almost daily. Have you kept yourself on the driving hours, you are not overloaded and all documents are in good condition? All reasons for mostly high penalties if something is not correct. But are you inspected properly? What are your rights and obligations at the time of a control? What can the police do and what not? Is the fine correct? Which locations in Europe are mostly controlled? We can help you with all these questions!



Legal Control is the application for professional drivers that shows where the transport controls are located! A transport control easily consumes 1 hour of your precious time. Help your fellow truck drivers and share! Easy exchange of control locations between drivers. Report a location simply with GPS. Continuous current locations visible across Europe, both in a list and on the map. The App will show locations within a radius of 250 kilometers around you. Register and you will see everything!



> Instantly see all listed locations in order of distance
> Reports contain details on numbers and size
> Messages are displayed on the map
> Directly report a control location yourself
> Simply request assistance in case of being fined by the law
> Simply report a ridiculous fine by the IRU
> The App is available in several languages



> GPS and data must be enabled when using the App. This may affect the battery life and data usage.
> Connect your phone with WiFi to limit data use.
> Legal Control can’t be held responsible in any way for not having "up to date" information and the traffic behaviour of its users.