The advantage of our platform in relationship to the App, is that you can see all the European controls at a glance. The free App displays only the controls in a radius of 250 kilometers from the location of the user. On the platform you will also find a more detailed description of the reports. This information about the reports will show:
> Name of the location (city name, road numberr)
> Country of the control
> Report valid until (a report stays active for 4 hours)
> Icon with "size" of the control
A short discription
> Whether the control is verified or not
> Number of aditional report counts
> A note(LegalControl will try to report the direction an dnature of the control as much as possible)



Transport in Nood will pay the fines abroad in the name of the transport company, so that the truck with his precious cargo can continue its way fast. In recent years, numerous ridiculous fines came by and the driver need to pay the fine right on that spot. In many cases, these amounts not stand up in court. We feel that something needs to be done about it. Transport in Nood therefore developed the App Legal Control that shows where you have the risk to be inspected.

In the various media you can read that many transport companies complain about the inspections. Obviously, road safety is the main subject during a transport control, only the issued fines are often not proportional to the offense. Often the inspectors keep searching on until they find something. The European legislation is similar in all the European countries, but the execution is often different for each member state, which will result in a free market when we are talking about the amount of the fines. In addition, inspections consume many hours of valuable time in a race against the clock (tachograph).


Transport in Nood BV is registered at the chamber of commerce in Amsterdam under number: 34318509.

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Legal Control is the application that shows where the transport controls are. Download the App for free now!